Fashion Fix by Travelmaker Kai

Fly Girl Kai | Fashion Fix.jpg

My heart feels like it could jump out of my chest – I’m that excited!

You see, for too long I’ve been an ‘in-the-closet’ fashion lover, too scared to admit my love for clothing, striking a pose, and expressing how badass I feel when I look good, all in fear of people’s perceptions of me being vain!

That all stays as 2018 problems, because this new year I’m unapologetic about loving myself, and the clothes I wear (got gotta look good when travelling too!). This fly attitude calls for a name…

FGK – Fly Girl Kai!

So now that the back story’s out of the way –

Welcome to FGK – my Fashion Blog and Travel Confidence Inspiration Hub!

Stay tuned to get weekly style inspirations from my travels, sign up to my newsletter for monthly give-aways, and check out my travel coaching 1-2-1 services to help you go from vicarious voyeur to living the life you want!… 

Fly Girl Kai | Terms

I’ll still be sharing my travel experiences, interviews and reviews on Travelmaker Kai...

But here – FGK, we’re all about being FLYCLICK HERE for your Fashion Fix!

What do you think of my new blog?… I’m ready to hear your thoughts – share in the comment box below!

Kai x



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