About FGK


The Fashion blog from a Travel Confidence Coach

Who is FGK – Fly Girl Kai?

Welcome to the FGK blog… The Fashion & Travel Confidence Hub run by travel blogger and author of Travel On Your Own Terms® guides – Travelmaker Kai.

In case you missed it, FGK stands for Fly Girl Kai. This blog is a space to share fashion and style inspirations from my travels. I’m not here to tell you what, and what not to wear… Sometimes a little inspiration and a gentle suggestion is enough to help you confidently decide what works for you!

Travel Confidence Coaching

Travel Confidence Coaching is a fairly new concept. I’m currently putting together the Travel On Your Own Terms® guides packed with useful resources for anyone interested in incorporating travel as a lifestyle, or wanting the confidence to take a much needed holiday or book their first flight abroad! If you’re looking for something more personalised, I offer 1-2-1 sessions to support you through the guide and tackle the barriers which stop you from leading the life you want. CLICK HERE to find out more

How does this blog work?

I share some of my favourite styles with a background of various travel locations through big, bold and often colourful pictures. I’ll share where the pieces of clothing and accessories are from.


How can I contribute?

You can contribute by making your presence known! Share your thoughts in the comment box, ask a question or leave a comment. I’d love to engage with you even if it’s just a simple ‘hi’ – let’s connect!

Can I share your pictures?

Yes. In fact I encourage you to! I just ask you include the correct links back to this blog as a credit. If you do share, kindly keep the logo on my pictures (avoid cropping it out) a this is a watermark to protect my craft. Platforms such as Pintrest and Instagram are great for picture sharing!


Are you open to collaborations and sponsored posts?

I’m always on the look out to collaborate with other creatives especially photographers, videographers, MUAs, stylists and designers. TFP/CD (Time for Print/CD) exchange welcome.

I’m also open to sponsored posts if the product is suitable for me and my audience. Contact me with more information.

Happiness – Model’s Own! – FGK


Got another burning question? Share it in the comment box below or contact me!


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